Berkner High School Bandoleras

Dance & Drill Team

Bandoleras Objective & Mission Statement


The Berkner High School Bandoleras are a prestigious group of young women who perform for their school and community. It is our belief that this organization is built to enhance growth and development of young women, thus preparing them with lifelong skills. Our program is aimed to implement discipline and integrity, all while cultivating dedication and passion through the art of dance. Our Bandos learn commitment, teamwork, and dedication, therefore preparing them to serve their school and community as positive role models throughout their high school experience and beyond.


Let the first act of every morning be to make the following resolve for the day: To have a positive attitude, maintain a high level of discipline, work hard and remain dedicated. We want to show respect for each individual. Our goals are to remain emotionally strong, responsible, and encouraging to others. Finally, with friendships and faith in our team, we will strive for ultimate success.