The Berkner Bandoleras Organization was founded in 1970, a year after the opening of Berkner High School. Over the past 49 years, the Bandolera mission has been to maintain a high level of discipline, work hard, and remain dedicated, all while keeping a positive outlook. As most traditional drill teams, the Bandoleras have no off season. They work hard for football halftime performances in the fall, competition in early Spring, and the annual Berkner Bandolera Spring Show in mid April. Because of the tirelessness that Bandoleras requires, members develop an incredible amount of perseverance, work ethic, and the ability to self motivate. Alongside these characteristics, Bandoleras are respectful and are ingrained to always go above and beyond. The main goal for Bandoleras is for members to leave the organization with important life skills that will help them be successful in whatever they choose to do in life.


The Bandoleras have a standard of excellence which has always led to incredible accomplishments. The Bandolera Spring Spring Show is known to be a “must-see” performance. This yearly showcase never fails to fill the auditorium with it’s entertaining theme, amazing dance execution, and specialty performances by other BHS organizations. This standard of excellence has also led recognition at national, state, and local competitions over the years. Bandolera performance styles include, but are not limited to jazz, hip hop, lyrical, modern, and many more styles. The Bandoleras have two elite teams, Dance Team and Kick Line, where the members most accomplished in jazz ( Dance Team), and members with the most impressive kicks (Kick Line) perform alongside one another.

Dance Clinic

The Bandoleras take pride in their community service by spreading their love for dance. They host several dance clinics throughout the year for young dancers K-12, who can join the Bandos and learn dances and join them for a performance opportunity.

Travel Opportunities

In addition to providing members with life skills in their daily lives, the Bandolera organization prioritizes giving it’s members once and a lifetime travel opportunities. The Bandoleras take part in a big team trip every few years, and have traveled to incredible places. In 2006, the team traveled to New York to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  In 2012, the team proudly traveled to Ireland to perform in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. In 2017, the team traveled to Hawaii.


  • Jacklyn Simone 2016-2019
  • Brooke Luna 2019-Present