The Berkner Bandoleras Backers Club is made up of Board Members that help support the Bandoleras throughout the year. These Board Members are parents and guardians of current and past Bandoleras who want to invest in the organization and contribute to the Bandolera experience.

One of the main purposes of the BBBC is to provide support by handling funds and maximizing fundraising opportunities throughout the year. The BBBC holds monthly meetings to discuss progress in this and other areas. It is vital that there are parents/guardians willing to serve on the board each year, as each position carries out a specific and important job.

The BBBC does not have a role in determining team membership, team leadership or any other team activities.

2018 -2019 Bandolera Backers Board Members


Carey Schutte

President Aide:

Julie Adcock


Claire Pearson

Fundraising Aide:

Amy Smith


Jennifer Housley


Tommie Araujo


Julie Adcock