Jacklyn Simone ~ The Berkner Bandoleras Director

Berkner High School
Attn: Jacklyn Simone Bandolera Director
1600 E Spring Valley Rd
Richardson, TX

email: Jacklyn.Simone@risd.org

  • The berkner bandoleras was founded in 1970, a year after the opening of Berkner HS.
  • The Bandoleras have no off season, working hard and performing at football games in the fall, competition following in February, and the annual Berkner Bandolera Spring Show in April.
    Each Spring Show is a themed show that never fails to fill the auditorium. The themes of the past few years have been Express Yourself, The Greatest Show on Earth, and All Systems Go.
  • They have won major competitions at a national level, including the Starmakers series of drill team events.
  • Performances include but are not limited to jazz, hip hop, lyrical,modern, and many more.
  • The Bandoleras have two elite teams, Dance Team and Kickline.
  • Over the past 44years, the Bando mission has been to have positive attitude, maintain a hight leel of discipline, work hard and remain dedicated.
  • The Bandoleras take pride in their community service. They host an annual dance clinic so that girls in grades K-12 can join the Bandos and learn a few fun dances.
  • Medical City proudly sponsors the Bandoleras. In return, the Bandos make several visits to their patients, bringing blankets and posters to lighten up their stay.
  • The Bandos take part in a big team trip every three years. In 2006, the team traveled to New York to perform in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
  •  In 2009 , the team travele to Hawaii.
  •  In 2012, the team proydly traveled to Ireland and performed in the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade.
  •  Tradition is very important to the team. Over the decades, the uniforms have remained relatively unchanged. The uniform is made up of a white long sleeve blouse, with a green vest and skirt.
  • with tradition, comes the importance of seniority. Every year, the girls work their way up until finally becoming senior leaders.
  •  A goal for the Bandoleras is to leave this organization with important life skills that will help them in the future.